These zeros are worth something

It’s January. Zero and Minus are your outdoor thermometer’s bff. Wintriness, frost and hot beverages are ruling Switzerland. Your mood is close to zero and now Yuh is giving you more zeros in your life? Yes, but it’s the good zeros: 0.- fees and 0.5% interest on your savings.

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We’re totally digging the zeros

Zeros are so neat and the have the perfect shape. At Yuh, zeros are in season all year round, but especially now that it’s winter they provide that quantum of solace: You pay 0 CHF for your account, 0 CHF for your Mastercard multi-currency debit card and you get a serious 0.5% interest on your savings.

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Yuh app: a do-it-all wonder

Pay comfortably, save effortlessly, invest confidently. Yuh is born to help in your financial pursuits with an adorable simplicity.

Take the reins of your spending

The road to happy, effortless payments passes through a multi-currency account, a free debit card, instant payments, and much more.

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The key to dream-friendly savings

Make your savings live up to your wildest plans: automate deposits, saving projects… Yuh keeps your nest egg cosy while you manifest your dreams.

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Traders-approved investment

Red-hot digital assets, opportunity-packed sectors, fractional trading… Take a toe dip into the investing pool with as little as 25 CHF.

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Crystal-clear pricing

Relax and breathe easy knowing that your money is in a low-to-no-fees haven: zero hidden costs and plenty of freebies (free account, free Mastercard, and no monthly account fees).

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Yuh: Get your account rock‘n’rolling with ease

Got your smartphone, valid ID, and one utility bill at hand? WiFi is working? Then you’re ready to go! Here’s how to open your Yuh account now in only 3 easy (dance) steps:

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Download the Yuh app from your App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery

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Create your account

Enter your personal details and verify your identity directly in the app

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Top up your balance

Make your first deposit (spoiler alert: if you first fund your account with 500 CHF, you will receive 500 SWQ, Yuh’s virtual coin)

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Your love story begins now

Your heart skips a beat every time you see them, the butterflies tickle in your stomach, your thoughts are blissfully consumed… Diagnosis: you suffer what they call the “honeymoon phase” – but worry not, it is an endless one when it comes to Yuh and your finances!

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Got questions?

FAQs to the rescue! Look up for your question and let us know if you don’t find it – this is the doubt-free zone!